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Visby: St Hans Church Ruin by Callego
Visby: St Hans Church Ruin
Not actually a picture perfect resemblance here, but more of an "inspired by" sketch--and I'm afraid I didn't give it enough time to get the details filled in nicely, it was more of a chance to get my fingers moving and to cool off after too much crazy travel time. From my two days in Visby, Gotland, during my whirlwind trip through Scandinavia.
Dark Haired Girl by Callego
Dark Haired Girl
Ever since I started with the pen brush (and later calligraphy brushes) I keep finding myself drawing black hair. Just too fun to work with that contrast in a figure. Did this while hanging out at a cafe in the ruins of a medieval church. Speaking of which, I should post my picture of those ruins too...

My other pics incorporating long black hair:……………
Foggy Mountain Meadow by Callego
Foggy Mountain Meadow
May be posting some further sketches from my trip through Scandinavia (it's been so long since I've had time to draw, so apologies for the sudden surge and the poor quality), but I also had a chance to sketch a bit while sitting by a pool in the Santa Cruz mountains with my sisters. This one turned out best of the two I did, so I'm posting it, but still not happy with the execution. Was a bit heavy handed with the heavy brush at the wrong moments in places (should have stuck to the thinner brush for all the clouds), but the whole thing just developed as I went so I didn't really know moment to moment what I was going to end up with (didn't even realize there would be clouds till the last few minutes--though I think the back of my head had been suggesting it for a while). As always I look at this pen brush sketches and think "Huh, I'd like to clean that up in photoshop one of these days," and of course I never get around to it. :/
Kiki by Callego
As I mentioned on my blog (…), my recent whirlwind tour of Scandinavia included me running into Kiki of Kiki's Delivery Service in the old Swedish town of Visby, on the island Gotland in the Baltic. Visby was a major inspiration for the setting of Kiki's Delivery Service, so I was excited to run into a couple of girls taking Kiki cosplay photos through the city. Not sure if they have any site to link to, but if I find that they do I'll probably link to it through my blog post. When I saw them in the morning I got a picture with Kiki, but forgot to exchange any contact information. Then later that day (after an excursion to see a picture stone relevant to some previous research of mine) I was back in Visby and decided to sketch Kiki myself. Doesn't look like the girl I met, and looks a bit more teenaged than the version in the movie, I think, but oh well. :) Then I ran into those girls again, and decided I had to rip the picture out of my journal and give it to them, haha. It was just too fun an experience. It's a pretty rough picture though (I took a picture of it before giving it away), and I realized later that I'd forgotten to add any details for her hands, but oh well, hopefully it comes off alright anyway...
The Brothers Lionheart and Katla by Callego
The Brothers Lionheart and Katla
A scene from the end of Astrid Lindgren's Brothers Lionheart, an "other world" style fantasy for kids that deals with premature death and some other heavy topics.

Couldn't get the scan to come out with all the nuances in the wash for the sky, so alas you're only getting this crappy photo. I will see if I can make a better scan/photo one of these days...

Thinking of doing a memorial day post on my blog, and decided that Astrid Lindgren's book was a surprising but good choice for an illustration commemorating those who die in war--unfortunately I can't really talk much about why that is the case w/o spoiling all the twists and turns in the book, but I'll see if I can find something appropriate to say for my blog...

EDIT: Got the blog post done, here it is!…
Hey folks, the Midwinter Art Contest is here at the Norse Mythology blog! Award winning Blogger Karl Siegfried has started hosting annual Midsummer and Midwinter art contests at the Norse Mythology blog--topics for pictures should be Norse-themed, though Scandi folklore works as well, as long as you are sticking to the proper seasons. Preferably hit on traditional practices for that time of year. You can read more at my blog or at Karl Siegfried's post on the contest itself. The celebrity judges this time around are Icelandic scholar Dr. Helga Hlaðgerður Lúthersdóttir and renowned comic book illustrator Steve Parkhouse--you can read more about both of them at the contest post on Karl's blog. I got first place (!) at the last midsummer contest--but you know, I am totally amateurish compared to so many of the folks out there doing Norse-themed art, so GET ON IT! It would be great for this contest to stay on as a regular feature at the Norse Mythology blog, but folks have to keep submitting to keep it going. 


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CG Olsen
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I am a PhD in Scandinavian studies, and have taught courses in Norse Myth, literature, language, and history, Scandinavian folklore and literature, Swedish language, and other subjects since filing my dissertation a few years back. Currently teaching at UCLA and finishing up a translation of a book on the theology of the body. Also a published poet (small time still), with recent pieces in Ideomancer and Everyday Poets. I've started a blog (Vikings, Books, Etc) where I've been writing book reviews, posting pictures of vikings, and other things. Working with iPad art programs and now with a Bamboo tablet and Photoshop elements (still learning how digital art works). In addition to DeviantArt, here are my websites:
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