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Can't figure out why my photoshop modified copy of my latest moleskine sketch won't load--all I've been able to do so far is convert it to a PDF and upload it. I've resaved the file, emailed to myself, all sorts of stuff--still gives me an error message when I try to load it. Argh.
Fishing Tomte by Callego
Fishing Tomte
OK, maybe this will finally work. I did this sketch after going to a signing by an artist I follow--not that it is in her style at all, but I just felt like drawing. Did some editing in Photoshop, and would like to do more eventually when I have time. For some reason the JPEG wouldn't load, so I've gone a roundabout route to make it a PDF and am HOPING it works this time! Also, Preview image is different, since for some reason it won't generate a preview for the PDF... I don't know, this is frustrating the hell out of me. :/
Valkyrie Hildr by Callego
Valkyrie Hildr
A cute little valkyrie sketch. Or shield maiden, if you'd rather. Viking boy clothes on a girl, anyway, and I would imagine a bit more true to what they would have imagined a valkyrie wearing than what you see in fantasy illustration now. :P  I know, big freaky eyes, what can I say, it's late at night and I threw this together real quick before bed... which I should have been in as of two hours ago. :(
Pooping Palm Pigeons by Callego
Pooping Palm Pigeons

Beware the pooping palm pigeons (aka rats) of LA.

So I never really liked Palm trees (at least, not the pretentious sort we end up with in California), and I don’t like rats that live in palm trees and leave splattered droppings on the sidewalks that the palm trees hang over. Apparently I’ve got both here in LA. :/ Oh well, there is lots of other good stuff here, like awesome Korean food and work so that I can afford food. 

Silver Surfer Sketch by Callego
Silver Surfer Sketch
So I guess i ended up drawing the Silver Surfer. I was testing out a cheap pen brush I picked up at Daiso, and initially just drew three test strokes of differing thicknesses--then I drew two eye brows and though "Wow, what melancholy eyebrows, kinda reminds me of the silver surfer..." then drew the rest of the face and thought "Well, I'm committed now". That meant having to try to work those three initial strokes in--so I tried incorporating them into the big squiggly "reflection" line on the back of his head, but no, doesn't really work. :(  I think I overdid it in some other areas too, so I'll try to get around to cleaning this up in photoshop at some point. Edit--replaced with a version with a couple lines erased--still a quick sketch, but there were a few things that just didn't seem like they fit... 

Silver Surfer was always a favorite of mine--sure, his comics were always way too melodramatic, and some of the earlier ones I really just can't get into, but he is the "cosmic" character par excellence in comics, and I'm really hoping they incorporate him into the new Marvel movies better than they did in the first iteration of Fantastic Four movies--I mean, he is so key to the Thanos narrative! How can they leave him out! And I know he's kinda scrawny here, but I always kinda liked how his frame belied his strength--kinda like spiderman, except SS is (according to the stats for the role playing game I had back in the 90s) as strong as the Hulk. Plus, despite Ron Lim muscling him up, there are some representations of him as more on the scrawny side that I kinda like...
Viking Clothes by CallegoFeersum Viking Waryur by Callego

I was interviewed at Paper Tape magazine! Forgot to post about that earlier, but here is the link:…

Apparently they liked my blog, and contacted me a few months ago to talk about my field (Norse mythology, etc) and about my art. We chatted about how I decided to pursue an academic career in Old Norse literature and culture, about my current research, about the blood eagle ritual and whether it has any roots in reality, and about just how much more complex supposed "Viking Culture" is once you actually study it in depth.

Check it out and pass it on!


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I am a recent PhD in Scandinavian Studies. Just spent 2 1/2 years teaching courses in Old Norse literature, history, and mythology, + Scandinavian Folklore at UC Berkeley, and most recently a Visiting Professor at Gustavus Adolphus college in MN (and now crossing my fingers for another position soon). Also a published poet (small time still), with recent pieces in Ideomancer and Everyday Poets. I've started a blog (Vikings, Books, Etc) where I've been writing book reviews, posting pictures of vikings, and other things. Working with iPad art programs and now with a Bamboo tablet and Photoshop elements (still learning how digital art works). In addition to DeviantArt, here are my websites:
Store (Tshirts etc):…

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