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Reading Woman by Callego
Reading Woman
So I was reading/sketching at the Abbey (the coffee shop at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz) and this cute girl was reading a big novel (looked kinda like a Marion Zimmer Bradley Mists of Avalon novel, though I really couldn't see the cover or read the title--not sure why I got the impression it was MZB) and I was too shy to try to say hi (and probably shouldn't have anyway, because if someone is entirely focused on their book then they clearly don't want to be bothered), but I did get inspired to do a little sketch, which became a bigger sketch. She left before I could work up the nerve to ask if she'd like to have the picture, so if she's out there (she was sitting in an armchair reading this big paperback and taking notes in it, stripped black/grey pullover on and had her hair in a bun, asian, looked like in her 20s but who knows) and would like it, she is welcome to get a hold of me! :)  But I'm figuring I'll never know her as more than an ephemeral muse, so oh well. At least I got a picture out of it.

And that said, here is another Inktober sketch! I think I'll stop numbering these since I've been updating irregularly anyway (too often at the moment, but that will surely change). I initially did just the girl, then the dream castle, and maybe should have left it like that because I didn't leave a good way to integrate the tree trunk later on. I'll post both versions on my tumblr.
Kara the Valkyrie by Callego
Kara the Valkyrie
Decided to do a late-night sketch, so here is my day 4 Inktober sketch a day early (since I already posted day 3 earlier today). And heck, I may give up numbering my Inktober sketches since I don't expect to keep it to one a day, and I expect to miss a few days as well. :/ 

Anyway, here is another "Valkyrja" (Valkyrie) picture. I've only done one polished pic (well, two including my Valentines day poster), but I'd been kinda hoping to create a series, so maybe I'll polish this up in photoshop eventually and turn it into a poster/tshirt for my redbubble store. This one is Kara, a valkyrie name associated with the (apparently eternally reborn) lovers of the Helgi material. I decided to give her a smoking black sword because I can think of at least one other eternally reborn champion with a kickass demonic black sword (Elric, I'm looking at you), and it just seems like the sort of thing that a kickass valkyrie would have. Kara is also the name given to the valkyrie-type figure that falls for the magical smith (inspired by Volund) in Michael Scott Rohan's Winter of the World series, one of my all-time favorite fantasy trilogies from my childhood/young adulthood, so I confess I'm already starting to feel sentimental about this pic... Ah, the power in a name.

My other valkyrie pictures and sketches linked to below!……………
Demon Cat by Callego
Demon Cat
Continuing Inktober with a little inspired-by homage to my friend Livia Blackburne's Midnight Thief YA novels. The qualifier "inspired by" is there because I just started sketching and this came out, without taking the time to revisit the first novel (which I read maybe half a year ago or so). And yes, posting this a bit late for day 2 of Inktober, but oh well, I will call this my "day two" anyway. Don't know if I'll manage to post something every day though. Pic is poor quality because all I've got on me is my phone at the moment. :/

And of course the moon is so large in this picture not simply because I drew the silhouette first and needed to fit it to that (ahem) but because when you are taking pictures of demon cats you of course use the biggest telephoto lens you can find...  Also, the paper plate I used to trace the moon really wasn't staying in place very well, so I may have to touch it up at some point...

And here is the tumblr post:…
Steampunk Airship Sketch by Callego
Steampunk Airship Sketch
Didn't come out as legible as intended--may try redoing it, but for now gonna just post it because I'm hoping to do a blog post about a SE Asian steampunk project on Indiegogo--plus it's Inktober so I wanted to make sure I got something up!  But yeah, didn't really have time to try to make this cleaner...
Dragon stalking a centaur on a forest moon by Callego
Dragon stalking a centaur on a forest moon
Not that the figures are at all easy to see here... and yes, doing a night scene in black and white can be a bit weird, so we just get silhouettes even though the moon/planet light would obviously illuminate more than what we see. Just wanted to do another multiple-planet/moon picture, practice my tree silhouettes (did this while at a retreat in a redwood forest with some friends), and then when I went to add a figure or two for interest I realized that the size of the trees meant that any figure would have to be really small... So the figure standing on the peak there is supposed to be centaur-ish, with a slight double shadow from the two big celestial bodies. I'm imagining that our view is from the surface of a moon, and then the larger circle is a gas giant, and other big circle a moon that is maybe a bit too close (I used two ends of a cup, which is why they are so close in size--but I feel like this set-up suggests some problematic orbital mechanics). Then there are a couple of smaller moons, one of them circling the larger moon in my imagination. Anyway, more of my hyper-specific niche black and white moleskine illustrations of fantasy scenes set on alien moons.
Hey folks, the Midwinter Art Contest is here at the Norse Mythology blog! Award winning Blogger Karl Siegfried has started hosting annual Midsummer and Midwinter art contests at the Norse Mythology blog--topics for pictures should be Norse-themed, though Scandi folklore works as well, as long as you are sticking to the proper seasons. Preferably hit on traditional practices for that time of year. You can read more at my blog or at Karl Siegfried's post on the contest itself. The celebrity judges this time around are Icelandic scholar Dr. Helga Hlaðgerður Lúthersdóttir and renowned comic book illustrator Steve Parkhouse--you can read more about both of them at the contest post on Karl's blog. I got first place (!) at the last midsummer contest--but you know, I am totally amateurish compared to so many of the folks out there doing Norse-themed art, so GET ON IT! It would be great for this contest to stay on as a regular feature at the Norse Mythology blog, but folks have to keep submitting to keep it going. 


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I am a PhD in Scandinavian studies, and have taught courses in Norse Myth, literature, language, and history, Scandinavian folklore and literature, Swedish language, and other subjects since filing my dissertation a few years back. Currently teaching at UCLA and finishing up a translation of a book on the theology of the body. Also a published poet (small time still), with recent pieces in Ideomancer and Everyday Poets. I've started a blog (Vikings, Books, Etc) where I've been writing book reviews, posting pictures of vikings, and other things. Working with iPad art programs and now with a Bamboo tablet and Photoshop elements (still learning how digital art works). In addition to DeviantArt, here are my websites:
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