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Inktober Troll by Callego
Inktober Troll
Last day of inktober. Didn't really have time to do this, but wanted to do at least one more thing for Inktober, and figured I would also do a quick blog post for Halloween, so hey, trolls are good for Halloween, right? Not very happy with this, did it too quick and should have been a bit more methodical, but oh well. Also missing my pen brush still--I think these micro-line pens demand a bit more premeditation than I have time for these days...
The blog post:…
Volcano Bun and Milk Tea by Callego
Volcano Bun and Milk Tea
Was able to take a break while running some errands this morning and get a Volcano bun (split on top into quarters and filled with cream) and milk tea at a bakery in a cute little mall here in K-town. It's... maybe about a mile walk from my apartment, so I don't get over there every week (Ok, this was just my second time). [edit--misspelled it "volvano bun"--sorry... totally weird. fixed now]

So there you go, food for Inktober! Using my new micro-line pens again. I just need to get used to the fact that I can't use them the same way I would use my brush pen--I like "painting" the negative space with those. But I guess it's good to practice my line art too.
Old Tree Sketch by Callego
Old Tree Sketch
Huh, I don't think I ever posted this before... I'll let it count towards Inktober, I guess, though it may be from way back last October [edit-whoops, from 11/13 apparently). Found this while digging through my moleskines from the last year or so to test out my scanner (which I finally got working). May replace some of my other moleskine pics with nicer scanned versions (though I think I may be doing something wrong, as I have been having to do a lot of editing after the scan to keep things from being washed out or whatever). 
Odinic Pigeon Feeder by Callego
Odinic Pigeon Feeder
I don't know, I just got these new micro-line pens (which I can't get used to) and started thinking about drawing an Odinic wanderer, then thought, well, what else could be Odinic, and then for some reason hit on this idea... which implies a neat Odin-related kenning (hint: find out what a kenning is, find out what kind of bird Odin is connected with and why, and think about what sort of food those "Odinic pigeons" would eat in Old Norse poetry... and no, not thinking of an eagle and the mead of poetry). 
Yggdrasill sketch by Callego
Yggdrasill sketch
Just an idea for an Yggdrasill illustration (will be introducing the world tree more thoroughly in class soon, I think). Pretty sloppy and there is a lot I wish I'd done differently (made lots of decisions as I went), but I'm a bit uninspired and preoccupied today, so happy to have done what I have. [edit--replaced the file with a scanned version Hopefully an improvement]
Viking Clothes by CallegoFeersum Viking Waryur by Callego

I was interviewed at Paper Tape magazine! Forgot to post about that earlier, but here is the link:…

Apparently they liked my blog, and contacted me a few months ago to talk about my field (Norse mythology, etc) and about my art. We chatted about how I decided to pursue an academic career in Old Norse literature and culture, about my current research, about the blood eagle ritual and whether it has any roots in reality, and about just how much more complex supposed "Viking Culture" is once you actually study it in depth.

Check it out and pass it on!


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CG Olsen
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I am a recent PhD in Scandinavian Studies. Just spent 2 1/2 years teaching courses in Old Norse literature, history, and mythology, + Scandinavian Folklore at UC Berkeley, and most recently a Visiting Professor at Gustavus Adolphus college in MN (and now crossing my fingers for another position soon). Also a published poet (small time still), with recent pieces in Ideomancer and Everyday Poets. I've started a blog (Vikings, Books, Etc) where I've been writing book reviews, posting pictures of vikings, and other things. Working with iPad art programs and now with a Bamboo tablet and Photoshop elements (still learning how digital art works). In addition to DeviantArt, here are my websites:
Store (Tshirts etc):…

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