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Mountains in Autumn
More landscape painting! I have to admit, I miss working on the super rough paper that I used for my last picture--I think I felt more free to be lax in the rendering then and rely more on impressionistic shapes and colors. I still love working on this Fluid 140 lb all cotton pad, though--I wish I had a larger block (I'm using the 8x8 b/c hey, I'm poor). I'm trying to stick to higher quality papers like this because they can hold up to a lot more work, and I'm more aware now than I was as a kid just how important that is for wc techniques. I started with wet-on-wet then built on that. There are definitely some spots where things got a bit muddy or where I could have been a bit more focused on rendering, but I'm happy enough with it. In the future will try to aim for something in-between this and my Mountain Stuga painting. Continuing to play with my Daniel Smith watercolors, both the Essentials set and three new colors I picked up on sale (Hansa Yellow Deep, Pthalo Green, and Transparent Red Oxide)--plus my oval wash and my 6 Round, which are a REALLY helpful size for these 8x8 blocks.

I'm going to post some process pictures on my tumblr:

And sorry for the low-quality pictures--I am going to have to borrow a DSLR sometime and get some better quality pics before setting up my Etsy shop (which will hopefully be soon... but I've been saying that for a while).
Mountain Stuga
A red stuga with white trim in the mountains. "Stuga" is swedish for cabin or summer home. They are stereotypically red with white trim, though I don't think I got the trim positioned authentically... oh well. :P  And come to think of it, that door ended up so small this looks more like a two story place or a barn...

I had wanted to pick up some art supplies, and there happened to be a winter sale on so I got some new colors to add to my Daniel Smith essentials set, along with two new brushes (I'd already picked up a cheapo giant calligraphy brush from Daiso and used that on the background) and two pieces of unlabeled super-rough watercolor paper (wish I knew the brand--I think I will call them to find out). I've never painted on anything so rough--lots of fun, though probably best if you are going for a more impressionistic effect rather than anything really detailed, and while I love the texture it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Started out with lots of wet on wet for the sky and foreground, then built it up from there. Learning to be more generous with the amount of paint I put on my palette, and I think that's helping. Feel like I'm getting a handle on the sort of loose landscape painting that I like so much. :)
Goblin Week day 7 Mountain Gobs
Final Goblin Week post--two mountain gobs enjoying the view. Kuretake pens in my moleskine sketchbook. I need to start thinking through my backgrounds and foregrounds more--ends up too messy, even if I like how the central figures turned out...
Goblin Week day 2 Tomte and Tail
Goblin week day 2 (except I am finishing a bit late). Paired with the tomte, so maybe I should call this a troll instead, but it isn't troll week. More watercolor practice with my Daniel Smith set and Fluid 140 lb cold press. Initial inks with my microline pens, finalinks with some of my kuretake pens. Still having trouble breaking my digital art habits... [Edit: replaced the crummy photo with a good scan--though of course it still doesn't come through quite right...]
Girl in Blue Hoodie
A girl in a cafe the other day had an oversized hoodie kind of half-on (it was Jedi-ish enough that I thought it was really cool), so I did a sketch and decided later on to try a watercolor portrait. Many mini trial-sketches later I went for it. Overdid the glazes (or at least it feels that way--but apparently some artists really go heavy on the glazes) and ended up with less contrast between the highlights and shadows than I wanted, but I am always extra critical right after doing something, so I'll reserve judgement, haha.

Do not have access to decent photo editing stuff at the moment, so I haven't been able to make the scan as nice as I'd like--pushed the saturation way up to try to make all the colors come out, and turned up the warm colors for the same reason, but now the blue undertones in the skin aren't really showing. :/ Oh well. This was my first trial with my 8x8 pad of Fluid 100% cotton 140 lb cold press, and I'm back to using my Daniel Smith essentials paints (I used Pthalo blue, Ultramarine, New Gamboge, and Quinacridone Rose), so if you don't like the painting don't fault the materials. ;P  Initial inks done with one of my Zebra calligraphy pens (like you get at Daiso), then I went over everything at the end again with two of my kuretake pens (which are water soluble, so I always break those out after the painting is done). Sorry for all the boring materials notes--these are partly for myself so I don't forget. :P
Hey folks, the Midwinter Art Contest is here at the Norse Mythology blog! Award winning Blogger Karl Siegfried has started hosting annual Midsummer and Midwinter art contests at the Norse Mythology blog--topics for pictures should be Norse-themed, though Scandi folklore works as well, as long as you are sticking to the proper seasons. Preferably hit on traditional practices for that time of year. You can read more at my blog or at Karl Siegfried's post on the contest itself. The celebrity judges this time around are Icelandic scholar Dr. Helga Hlaðgerður Lúthersdóttir and renowned comic book illustrator Steve Parkhouse--you can read more about both of them at the contest post on Karl's blog. I got first place (!) at the last midsummer contest--but you know, I am totally amateurish compared to so many of the folks out there doing Norse-themed art, so GET ON IT! It would be great for this contest to stay on as a regular feature at the Norse Mythology blog, but folks have to keep submitting to keep it going. 


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I am a PhD in Scandinavian studies, and have taught courses in Norse Myth, literature, language, and history, Scandinavian folklore and literature, Swedish language, and other subjects since filing my dissertation a few years back. Have taught at UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Gustavus Adolphus College, and translated the book Heavenly Bodies by Ola Sigurdson on the theology and philosophy of the body. Also a published poet (small time still), with recent pieces in Ideomancer and Everyday Poets. I've started a blog (Vikings, Books, Etc) where I've been writing book reviews, posting pictures of vikings, and other things. Mostly work with either digital (photoshop and more recently painter) or pen brush, more often the latter recently. In addition to DeviantArt, here are my websites:
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